Admin? EDITED With template

Do you wanna be admin? Post your application here.
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Admin? EDITED With template

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Hello my name is [ZN]LaMa :)

Im want be admin on ZN server becouse im want help to server. :)
Me play ZN 2 years ( maybe 1,5... or 2.5 :D)
Me was played it before , but im think it BORING but now im play it again , weapons update , mod update... :)
Im know RCON commands.
Call of duty 2 me play 6 years :)

Can i be admin? Cocaaa sayed me about forum :) im was writed here this :)


/sry now me readed that rule\

Xfire: lamakak321
Age: 15
Languages: (put your first language first) - Czech (republic)
Skills: RCON , cod2 im know very nice :) normal gametypes...
Average time on ZN: 2 years +-
Why do you wanna be admin?:Im want help to ZN :)

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