WIPETIME - 08.09.2020 Server Update for 1.09 #86 - 14.09.2020 // Update already live

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WIPETIME - 08.09.2020 Server Update for 1.09 #86 - 14.09.2020 // Update already live

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-General update
• Billboards/Rules got updated
• Lowered Main menu music
• Changed Barbedwire behaviour if player gets in contact with it.
(First of all the interval between cuts got changed and it takes now 5 times longer to recieve another cut, there is a slight chance that you will either get an cut or you will hurt your players health.)
• Added deagle and magnum (new vanilla weapons)
• Added new items from MuchStuffPack & MassManyItemsoverhaul
• Airdops can now spawn in all military zones
• Added a funny little extra (can attach food and drinks to your vest)
• Trader prices got adjusted
• Fixed Trader notifications for buying a car or selling while an item is inside the zone on the ground.

-C4 update
• C4 mod got totaly reworked
• New model, new sound, new functions
• Buy the FlagKit and place it at those gates that need to be protected.
• The FlagKit can only be dismantled with an Screwdriver/wrench by the OWNER that placed it!
• The Flag has an radius of 50meter
• C4 can only be placed at gates and only if the Flag is not active (despawned) or to far away to secure the gate.
• Keep the Flag Timer active if you switch an item in and out of the Flags inventory
• Flag Timer is set to 2 weeks
• If the C4 is deployed and you hear the sound you will have 15 seconds before it detonates
• Blackmarket Trader Ammo can now be sold in Tisy. ( 1x, 10x, 100x,)
• Bots got an update (only ai)
• Fixed some missing trader items and cleaned up some trader categories
• Normal Flag & Faction Flags have been added
• Added different Country Flags.
• Added wales armband.
• Added new Faction Items.

-Heli update
• all helis got a rework and have now lights and also interior lights.
• huey (littlebird) can be lockpicked again.
• added a new heli: Mi8 (lockable)

-Updates in relation to cars
• car smoke exhaust got changed a bit
• Fixed G65 color issues that occured sometimes
• Fixed G65 2nd Exhaust not working
• G65 Window color got changed
• removed the Police Lada
• adjusted armour/health for the Oshkosh, Hammer, Dingo & G65

• If you press M, all the red circles are PVP areas. (You will recive ingame notifications if you are entering or leaving one)

-NEW MODS that got added to our Server
• Added Advanced Weapon Scopes
• Added Better Inspect (open your inventory and press b over an item)
• Added PVEZ to clarify all PVP and PVE ZONES but mostly to clarify the new "No Man's Land" Zone as the biggest (that zone also includes less rules.)
• Added Polelights
• Added Modular Vest system (we will add this content over time to the server as we have a plan with them)

& a lot of lot of fixes^^

KNOWN BUGS: If your player is tired and Yawn and your eyes start closing, the effect sometimes is horrible and can cause some wild screen flickering.
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