Player banned: The Devil's Left *****

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Player banned: The Devil's Left *****

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Monday, 20th April
Name in game: The Devil's Left *****
Account + IP banned
Reason: bad language
Duration: 83 days (3), used 83 times the word retard... 73 times f***tard
8807:41 say;guid;8;Lama;great brand
8807:43 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;shit luquid
8807:48 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;satanist brand
8807:52 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;i hate f***ing multis
8807:59 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;destroy the word
8808:01 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;world
8808:08 say;guid;8;Lama;why

8969:13 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;cmon
8969:15 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;f***ing low
8969:16 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;kill m
8969:18 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;retard
8969:19 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;i kill ur
8969:21 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;f***ing
8969:22 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;mother
8969:23 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;retard
8969:24 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;kill me
8969:25 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;comon
8969:28 say;guid;0;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;g**

8961:20 say;0;2;[ZN]Nikola;ninja
8961:27 say;guid;1;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;yes
8961:27 say;0;2;[ZN]Nikola;why do you hax now?
8961:34 say;guid;1;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;i dont hax now
8961:34 say;0;2;[ZN]Nikola;i remember when you didnt
8961:42 say;guid;1;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;im not f***ing cheater
8961:49 say;0;2;[ZN]Nikola;i saw you with aim
8961:54 say;guid;1;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;and?
8961:59 say;guid;1;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;am i banned?
8962:00 say;guid;1;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;no
8962:01 say;guid;1;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;so stfu

12936:36 say;guid;2;^0Duffy;you're playing with shotgun and im noob? lel
12937:01 say;guid;3;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;im play here since 2012
12937:06 say;guid;3;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;f***tard noob
12937:09 say;guid;2;^0Duffy;lel
12937:12 say;guid;2;^0Duffy;i dont care

18246:32 sayteam;guid;7;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;stop follow me f***ing retard gay
18246:33 sayteam;guid;7;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;get cancer

18261:52 sayteam;guid;7;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;go f*** urself retard kid

18648:49 say;guid;2;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;f***ing g**
18648:50 say;0;4;ico ^_#;delete League of Legends
18648:52 say;guid;2;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;your mother is polak
18648:53 say;0;4;ico ^_#;pls
18649:01 say;0;6;^0Tytan;PLAY
18649:03 say;717526;5;^0rek^9e^0t; POLSKA DUPA
18649:09 say;guid;2;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;kurva and kurwa is two different word u retard noob

21346:20 sayteam;guid;3;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;f*** u retard stop following me
21346:23 say;533805;0;selimiye ;^randomburn
21346:49 sayteam;guid;3;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;STOP FOLLOW ME
21346:50 say;533805;0;selimiye ;^^no
21346:51 sayteam;guid;3;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;KURVA ANYÁD
21346:54 say;533805;0;selimiye ;^^ok
21347:05 say;guid;3;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;f***ing retard
21347:08 sayteam;guid;3;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;get cancer
21347:19 say;533805;0;selimiye ; we lest hunter kill zombiethe devils
21347:26 sayteam;guid;3;^0The Devil's Left Testicle;f*** u retard kid
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