Admin Aplication :D

Do you wanna be admin? Post your application here.
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Admin Aplication :D

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Hello my name is Djole and im playing on ZN 4 YEARS

Nick : ZN[Sniper]

I would like to be Admin i think that i would be cool if i became admin ^^

Also i see they are not much players on ZN me and my friend Crox are sending as much as we can players on server we have our FB page so if you can hit one like ^^ it would be nice.

Link : ... 2/?fref=ts

Thats all for me ^^ see ya soon

PS : Im the richest player in ZN i have about 12 millions of power i really worked hard...Some bad peopple hacked my account 3x times so i saved only my power....if they didnt hacked my account i would be 150 rank 3 prestiges ..... SO i hope you read all of this and Thank you BYEEE !!! :)
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