Server Update #45 - 23.04.2020 // Update already live

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Server Update #45 - 23.04.2020 // Update already live

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• Tried to implement a way that its not possible to launch cars to the moon ( This is a test, as i had to make changes. Also need to monitor Server Performance with this change)
Cars that get over 10 meter above the ground will shut down the engine and slowly bring back the car to the ground, It could spin for sometime in the air but will get to the ground at some point. Im also looking for a solution if the cars fall under the map to get them somehow back above the ground but this isnt included yet, will take some time to figure this one out.

• Fixed Exhaust Smoke for Cars

• Added a section to the Vehicle Trader "Universal Wheels" this includes all wheels (Special cars one included, those are bullet proof (Batmobile Wheels excluded)

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