Server Update #46 - 27.04.2020 // WIPE TIME!! Update already live

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Server Update #46 - 27.04.2020 // WIPE TIME!! Update already live

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• Removed OP_Base Item, Base Furniture 2.0, Sneaky Stash Items, MuchCarKeyv1 Mod, defender, Atv
• Added MuchCarKeyv2, Remastered Arma Weapon Pack, MoreGuns Mod, Gorez
• Airdrop Flare is now findable but also sellable. (SUPER RARE)
• Nearly all type of bullets stack now up to 100
• Vanilla NBC's now have less inventory space (still more than vanilla settings)
• ZN NBC's now have the most inventory space
• Medical Attention configuration got tweaked
• Nights should now be a bit darker
• Added a Goldenlockpick that can only be bought. (50% Chance with 1 try to lockpick a car)
• Weather System got added, 70% good weather, 30% bad weather chance
• New Car the "Hunter" got added to the Server
• All Supercars got added to the trader
• Mitsubishi got added to the trader
• Added Name Tag's to players inside of a "Safezone"
• Fal is now buyable
• Silencers work now way better (Zombies still can hear you sometimes, depends on the range between them and if bullets are hitting closeby the Zombies)
• Backpack slots even modded ones have now more Inventory space
• Findable Bulletstacks are now not that big
• ZN Clothes are now only buyable in Tisy or findable
• ZN Skull3 outfit is still only findable in airdrops
• Cocaine can now only be sold in Tisy (seeds can still be only bought at previous trader)
• Tisy now has a Wildlife Trader Section to sell Animal meat for even a bigger price
• Airdrops are only Spawning in NWA again
• Readded 3D Marker for NWA (PVP-Zone)
• Changed Tisy's Waypointer name to ( Gun N´ Drugdealer Blackmarket (Toxic Zone) )
• Increased Zombiespawns
• If you create now a Char in the main menu and join as a freshspawn to the server, the char will be used.
• Rules have been Changed/Modified
• Cars that you buy now, contain keys like it used to be.
• There is also new keytag's with different colors and even vanilla car name's on it
• Some trader prices have been adjusted
• Lootspawn have been adjusted

NOTE: Some things might not be listed here yet, we will make sure to add everything at some point here that is important to know.

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