Server Update #73 - 03.07.2020 // WIPE TIME!! Update already live and Ready for 1.08

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Server Update #73 - 03.07.2020 // WIPE TIME!! Update already live and Ready for 1.08

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Let us introduce you to our new 1.08 Update.

• We added the C4BaseRaid Mod. Survivors make sure to use a Flag at all your gates and put everytime you log in an item inside of the flags container and get it out again to refresh the timer that is 2 weeks, if you dont do that people can use c4 to raid your base after 2 weeks of no interaction
(Flag can be crafted with sticks and wolfpelt or bought at the trader section Base Furniture)

• We added the ItemRestriction Mod. Since we want everybody to enjoy the game and get closer together we decided to add a restriction to items that you can place per player. (This is also for server performance stability to have a longer experience with 1 database. Press U Ingame to open the Resitrcition Menu)

• Removed SuperCar Mod. We want to bring more aesthetic to the game and those cars just dont fit at the end. We will replace those cars with cars that we think are fitting better.

• Removed the HMMWV Mod and replaced it with our version of the Car.

• Added 2 New Cars (Hammer & Go Kart)

• We added ArmA 2 ACR Weapon Pack to the Server

• Changed both indoor and normal Fireplace persistance to 7 days.

• Removed damage from Tents, Barrels, Watchtowers & Fence that are dealt with explosives & firearms (Was a new DayZ feature from 1.08)

• We added all new Vanilla Items to the Trader and Loottable

• We added all new Items that came with the latests Mod updates

• We added new weapons to the Airdrop Loottable

• We removed the thirdreich armbands.. No comment on that. (Sorry if it offended anyone)

• New Vanilla Split Stone Function got removed by us (Was a new DayZ feature from 1.08)

• CodeLocks can now be removed by anyone that knows the password (Removed the "Only Owner" function)

• Helicopter Spawnrate got adjusted

• Added new Helicopter Spawn locations and old ones got changed

• Vehicle Spawnrate got adjusted

• Added new Vehicle Spawn Locations (We have now over 550 Spawnlocations, a lot of them are also Vanilla Spawnlocations)

• Loot Economy got adjusted (Tried to bring a better balance into the loot spawn)

• Added a new Billboard in Kumyrna (C4BaseRaid Explanation)

• Adjusted some prices at the Trader

• Reworked some Rules

• Billboards got updated

• little SECRET that you will encounter ingame


MediumTent Placing Hologram is not working (Probably dayz related)
Stamina sprinting animation sometimes gets stuck (jumping helps to resolve the issue)

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