Server Update #74 - 04.07.2020 // Update already live

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Server Update #74 - 04.07.2020 // Update already live

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• Fixed - Largetent didnt worked with the CodeLock
• Fixed - You are now able to ignite fireplaces inside buildings again
• Fixed - Stacking of Ore didnt worked, it should work now
• Fixed - Splitting items are working again. The CodeLock mod bugged the whole function for every serverowner that is using it

Known issues:
- MediumTent Placing Hologram is not working (Probably dayz related)
- Stamina sprinting animation sometimes gets stuck (jumping helps to resolve the issue)
- The carrier rig is bugged. It seems any backpack attached will lose items (have to wait for Munghards mod update)
- Desync issues sometimes bigger laggs. (This is something we are still investigating)
- Autostacking is bugged duo to changes from dayz, seems like its not from the Trader Mod itself but it has the biggest impact from this bug.
- With this update its possible that people will loose all ore's. There is no way arround sadly.

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